Why MechaniComfort?

Because kneeling, laying and working on hard surfaces doesn’t have to hurt!

Do the work without the hurt. MechaniComfort mechanic knee pads, mechanic headrests and mechanic mats are designed to let you work without experiencing the all too common aches and pains of kneeling on a hard surface, holding your head up to view the work area or laying on a hard floor, driveway, concrete, or gravel.

When you think MechaniComfort think durable and comfortable, something others have only tried to accomplish.

What makes MechaniComfort better than the rest?

The Materials

Each material was specifically selected to perform a certain job for you, the mechanic. The boxes below explain more about the distinct features and benefits of the cutting edge materials that make the MechaniComfort Mechanic Headrests, Knee Pads and Mechanic Mats the best in the world:

Cover Material

The cover material stretches! The stretch allows the cover material to conform to your body and on a micro level it moves with your body when you move. Ultimately this stretch helps make the MechaniComfort product comfortable!

The cover material is fluid proof. Fluids (oil, gasoline, water) won't penetrate the cover material. When you buy a MechaniComfort product you're buying a product that lasts because the foam doesn't get contaminated and because it's easy to clean.

Fluid and oil proof



Foam Core

The foam core is the key to the MechaniComfort products. Its characteristics were specifically sought out to provide a unique blend of resiliency, durability and comfort. The special foam is made from cutting edge, resilient foam technology that returns to its natural shape over and over again.

Unlike other cheaper alternatives the MechaniComfort foam works for you and with you no matter how tough the job. In other words not only is it comforatble, it lasts!




Bottom Material

The unique Non-skid bottom material keeps the MechaniComfort headrest, knee pad or mat firmly planted when your weight is on it, but allows it to slide when you want to move it. Other products on the market are either too hard to move or slide too easily...

The MechaniComfort Non-skid Bottom material is designed to move only when you need it to. Once again the material was specifically selected for its performance characteristics. Another material that works for you and with you!

Fluid and oil proof